Ba (Hons) Fashion Photography Year 1

Above Image: Alex Hunt

In the first year, you’ll be introduced to the University and the technical workshops and facilities available to you. On the course you’ll learn the technical and conceptual skills that will give you a solid foundation from which to explore your areas of specialist activity. 

Environment – this unit challenges you to consider the significance of environments from a variety of cultural, social and political perspectives. This will be explored parallel to the development of your fundamental technical and theoretical photographic skills. The Environment unit will provide a key starting point to the development of learning, research and writing skills that will support your transition into higher education.

Styling Identity – You’ll extend your knowledge of creative fashion styling, identity and image creation practice from a theoretical and practical perspective. This unit aims to use and explore various approaches to research, and empower you in the complex process of analysing a more diverse range of sources and interpreting your findings in a wider range of outcomes.

Image Making – Aimed at enhancing your understanding of the constructed nature of images and how this nature may be manipulated to synthesise meaning, this is also the first unit in which you will be expected to develop a contextual essay.

Individual Project – the concluding unit of Year 1 encourages reflection on your progress so far; consolidating your successes and allowing you to make work that is not defined by a set brief, but is instead driven by personal research and exploration. You will be given a freer rein to experiment and take risks in a supportive environment that will help develop your voice as a visual practitioner.

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