Study abroad update – Martina Jurczyszyn

February 16, 2016by rroach2ExchangeNews

As we’re in March now it is also a Spring Break time. All the universities in the U.S. have their Spring Breaks at different times, Alfred University has had it on the second week of March and it was a great experience. Since I have amazing housemates we have all decided to plan a road trip to the other end of the country, which was Los Angeles, with many stops on the way. I had a chance to see Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Nashville and many more. It is definitely an experience of a life time to travel over five thousand miles in one week with people that you met a month ago. When the Spring Break comes to an end it is extremely hard to adjust back to the school life as for most of the students Spring Break is very busy, intense and tiring instead of relaxing. We have now been back for a week and received our mid term grades which definitely gave me more energy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my grades, I didn’t know how strict the system can be. All I could have done is to do my best with every class, submit what had to be done and wait, but I have to say that it all turned out well and I am very happy with my results. We now only have six weeks left of normal classes and it will be hard which I can tell already but I’m excited. I am excited to see how they spend Easter, I am excited to spend a few more weekends away travelling. The schedule for the next six or seven weeks is definitely tight but it will all be fun and I also cannot wait for the final exhibition that my Contemporary Photography Practice class is putting up at the end of the semester, it will be really excited to put that in my CV and resume. But after all I will be booking my flights at the beginning of April and I will be home sooner than I think.
It is already the end of month two, the time is flying so fast I don’t even realise. At this point not a lot has changed in Alfred, I am still meeting new students everyday and having a lot of work within my classes. We are now starting to have some talks/ classes about how to live outside of college, the professors are giving us some tips to how to be an artist in the big art world but they also showing us how to grow within it. By now we had many talks about where to apply and the way to be applying for jobs and different competitions but also how to make an application to have your work shown in different galleries around the world. At the moment I am working on my professional artist statement which I have never wrote before and never realised it could be that tricky. I am now on my second draft and doing pretty good, there is a lot of people I can seek help from so I am not too stressed.