Canterbury School of Architecture – Blog post 4

October 10, 2017by gemoakshottCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News

At the beginning of my project, I wanted to work with one set of students who were building their own geodesic domes. These structures were fascinating to me, and I had the idea to build my own with my own photography elements added in to it. After my tutorial/presentation with Gabor Stark, the feedback I received explained that I was taking on too much. He said that instead of making the geodesic structure itself, I should focus more on the photographic side of this. If I were to create this structure in the short amount of time I have, it would not be to the best quality and would not be something that would really show off any elements of the school. I would still like to keep the geodesic dome aspect with in my work, but to simplify and perfect my concept more. I went back to visit the students again to have a discussion with them about potentially using them in my photographs. I explained a possible concept change and that I would like to use their designs so far, and have them holding these elements as well. They explained to me that they are currently in 4 different groups to complete the final structure. One is called ‘structure’ where they deal with the outline design of the product, ‘Junction’ who experiment and provide the best ways to join each piece together to create the dome, ‘inflatables’ who design the perfect way to withhold the structure, and ‘Withies’ who build the main pentagons and hexagons of the structure. I managed to speak to the ‘Withies’ group who are a mix of MA and BA students. They are made up of 8/9 people in the group and have agreed to help me with my project. I explained my brief to them and they are more than happy to hold the structure while I photograph them. My idea is to get them holding the model in different ways, as if they were a part of the model themselves. Throughout their project they have been working together and building on their relationships between each other in order to work as a team and create together. They have gone through a process where they have had to listen and support each other. The images of them holding the structure will signify their team work throughout their own process, and also exhibiting the work they have created together. I was able to complete my final shoot with the students. After their presentations, we created a space in G Block where we could shoot. We hit some complications as I originally wanted to shoot in the studio where the models were built, but this was being used for a briefing. I also wanted to use a different structure but this would not fit through the doors. Luckily the projection space was free, and there was a geodesic dome near that space that had already been carefully moved. This structure was the first one to be completed and I managed to get the students who built it to shoot with me. Using the 5D and LED lights, instead of using tripods, I wanted the students to get involved. For this shoot, I directed the students where I wanted the lights to be placed so they felt more included. We placed the model in the center of the space, allowing access all around. I decided to photograph from the floor as this allowed me to get the model to fill the whole frame, and asked students to climb inside. I wanted to capture their teamwork and strength together by having them in closed inside the structure. The students being inside the model shows that they are the main base. They are then holding the structure that they have created and shows the bond between each of them and their work. I could tell the students felt a little uncomfortable, but making jokes and having a play around brought their confidence up. I asked them to position themselves in different ways, and to enjoy themselves. They took directions really well and I managed to capture some great images. Looking at my final outcome, I feel I have simplified my idea but I have also kept my original concept and have achieved how I wanted to portray this. Trying to present something that the client will appreciate became very difficult in the second week, but taking his advice and guidance towards what he would like guided me back to my profession. Trying to build my own geodesic structure would have been pointless as they already have more than enough of these models, and people who do this as their own profession. During my final shoot, I would improve the time that I had. It was slightly rushed which didn’t allow me to perfect what I was doing. My final images all have different lighting as these were my best shots. To improve I would have likes to have the same set up for each image, but different presentation of the models.