Charlie Redman – Development II

October 11, 2017by charlieredmanFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

After settling on a skateboarding themed film I started to do more research and create mood boards. Brands like Palace, Supreme, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Paccbet have all taken inspiration in recent years from the 90’s, feature bold knitted pieces and oversized fits. I particularly like the juxtaposition created when combining this more mature styles with skateboarding, I believe it gives it a new level of elegance. I wanted to build the styling around this idea of skate punk crossed with 90’s “dad” garments, and began to source pieces that fit my theme, I found several oversized shirts and wide leg Levi’s. I also began to consider my location. London is obviously packed with skateparks/spots, I felt like particularly Victoria Park in Central London had a clean aesthetic and was lacking in graffiti, however when I re-watched the Hermes skate film I realised the graffiti-free park only created an unnatural feeling, almost sugar-coated. Because of this I turned to more classic spots like “Meanwhile 2” which has been in london for almost 30 years, It is covered in a rich layer of artwork which I think creates more of a nostalgic aesthetic, especially when combined with 90’s styling. For posing and composition I looked further back into the 60/70s and the origins of skateboarding, Photographers like Hugh Holland became a huge inspiration for me, he shot perpetually in golden hour featuring tanned skaters in contorted poses and positions which highlight a more dance inspired style of skateboarding. I found this fascinating compared to more modern skate photographers who focus more on street skating, Holland almost embraced the stereotype of young adults with ripped up clothes throwing themselves around concrete, but again he captured it with a sense of elegance that make the photographs timeless. A skateboarder who embraced this more fluid dance style of skating was Patti Mcgee in the 70s. She wore her hair in a classic beehive with ¾ length trousers and blouses, the complete opposite of the stereotype. She took her almost Audrey Hepburn inspired look and combined it with incredibly complex and difficult skateboarding, and when captured through photography it almost seems surreal, but I will strive to create a similarly graceful and nostalgic feeling film.