Charlie Redman – Editorial Evaluation

October 11, 2017by charlieredmanFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

I wanted my editorial to be an extension of the film, using hugh holland as my main inspiration I wanted a strong natural light and orange tones. I shot digitally, normally I shoot film but I wanted to have more control over my exposure and the tones, and while certain film stocks do have beautiful tones it’s much more expensive and I felt like with a short project it would be better to give myself as many options as possible. I also frequently use text in my editorials, for my last project I used song lyrics but I was encouraged by my tutors to experiment with my own words. For this editorial I featured the words “Skate and be free” and then on the next spread “Belive in me”. I felt like the simple phrasing and rhyme was a sincere reflection of the fluidity of the scarf and graceful tones I was trying to set, the phrase “Skate and be free” was inspired by the pioneers of skateboarding in the 60/70s, there truly is something freeing about skateboarding, it’s an expression of personality and skill, and I wanted to convey this in my words. “Believe in me” is purposefully an imperative to almost force the viewer into believing in skateboarding and the freedom I am trying to present. I also used negative space in some of the shots, mainly the sky, which I feel creates an open and spacious feeling among the editorial, Hugh Holland similarly captures skaters in big environments with wide angle lenses to give a sense of scale, skaters utilise the fine details in an environment rather than the whole thing, this creates a contrast I tried to replicate. I also featured close ups of my skateboard deck, which I managed to print photographs of the Hermes scarf onto, I wanted the scarf and the skateboard to merge into one and both contrast and reflect each other the same time. I kept the colour scheme the same as my film to keep consistency, I would again like to have shot in more locations and over a longer period of time to build up a stronger variety, however I feel like this more focused shoot still conveys my influences and ideas well.