Charlotte Pitcher – Post 1

October 5, 2017by charlottepitcherFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

To start off third year, over the next four weeks we will be working with an external client “Hermès”. Individually we will be producing our own work to present to Creative Director Olivia Pomp at the end of the time period with a 12 minute presentation. We have to create an 8 page editorial spread and a 30 second promotional video. We have been told that our client Hermès will be giving us a scarf from their collection to base the work around. The scarf I got is a beautiful silk square scarf, with vibrant colours such as Navy, Lime Greens and mustard Yellows. It also has what looks like tarot cards on it with different traders inside, such as painters, builders and gardeners. During this week I did a lot of research and I didn’t really have a solid idea until I come across Hermès A/W Ready to wear collection. I love everything about this collection, the colour palettes, the textures, the ready to wear straight off the runway sort of feel. This is the direction I’ve decided to go with my idea. I’ve realised that a Hermès scarf can be the main accessory to anyone’s every day outfit. With my work I’ve decided to combine luxury with everyday wear. This has inspired me to create my editorial and video around every day people/ wear with a splash of luxury. Hermès isn’t just for the rich and famous, anyone can love fashion. I decided to look into some every day images of women and their scarfs to see how they accessorise with them. Its interesting to see how women wear them. I love the simplicity of it.