Charlotte Pitcher-Post 2

October 5, 2017by charlottepitcherFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

This week we had to present our ideas and how we are getting along in front of Heike, Olivia and the whole class. I presented to everyone my idea still carrying on with using everyday wear with a touch of luxury, some mood boards on styling, location, poses and ways on how to use the scarf and some references for both the editorial and video. I got some really useful feedback from both Heike and Olivia. The first bit of feedback was to maybe get a stylist on board to help out as I’m not very strong when it comes to the styling side. I’ve decided to go for autumnal theme when it comes to styling, and I want to incorporate the colour to match my scarf and I thought by using basic colours it will make the scarf stand out. I also will be working very closely with my model as I feel that the model needs to be comfortable as well because if she isn’t then it will come across in the photos/editorial and I don’t want that to happen.I wanted to research styling in a woodland area to see what other stylists have come up with. I’ve found this is really helpful for when it comes to creating my looks for the day. Another great bit of feedback was that with my location being a country park, I had in mind a lot of different places/backgrounds and it may look a bit too much. Olivia said to maybe narrow it down to just a few different backgrounds as it would be stronger.