Charlotte Pitcher – Post 3

October 12, 2017by charlottepitcherFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Week 3 and its shoot week! I’ve managed to finalise my model, hair and makeup team and my location. I’ve decided to do my own styling even though I’m not very strong I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it as I feel this will help me in the future too. When it came to securing a model I had two female models one was very edgy and quirky and one looked more commercial and I felt that the model that looked more commercial suited the brief better and I explained this to the other model and she totally agreed. Moving on I met up with my model before the shoot day and we went through looks, poses and I took her to the location so she could familiarize herself with the area. We also went through loads of mood boards for her to keep and she understood what I’m trying to achieve. On the day of the shoot before we started I took a few quick shots on my polaroid camera as I felt this was quite fun and the model got to keep them. For my actual shoot I’ve decided to use a Canon 5D. Regarding to clothes we kept it simple and used coats, jumpers and blouses with big sleeves. The weather held out for us and we got some stunning shots, I’m really happy with the outcome. When it came to shooting my video I decided for the model to stay in the same outfit all the way through as I wanted to film to look like the model and audience are going for a walk together. I shot lots of different shots on the day way more than I needed but I wanted to have more than has less and have to reuse footage. Again I’m happy with the outcome of this and will be editing towards the end of this week.