Charlotte Pitcher – Post 4

October 12, 2017by charlottepitcherFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

This week has been about finishing off the last final pieces. I felt that overall this whole project has been a lot of fun and really opened my eyes to what it would be like to have a real client. I felt that the purpose of this unit was to help us for when we leave university and I feel that this has been accomplished. At the beginning I was worrying that four weeks wouldn’t of been enough time as I’m used to have eleven weeks but I think I worked well under the pressure. A main concern of mine was I felt like I was going to struggle to secure a model and then in the end I had to pick between two so I felt like that relieved a lot of pressure. The next big step was to cement an idea together not only that I would understand but others too, so when I had to present to Heike and Olivia it wasn’t a confusion. I did a lot of research into this project and I found that it really helped me have more of an understanding. By doing lots of research really helped me with the styling as I could of had a stylist but chose to do it myself as I wanted to challenge myself as normally my styling can be quite weak. I found that the day of my shoot went perfect and we had no hick ups. I feel that this is because I visited the location twice before the shoot day, once by myself to select where I wanted to shoot and once with my model so she was comfortable in the environment. I know that In real life I wont have time to do that but as I had the time I thought I would use it wisely and take advantage of it. I also feel that meeting with my model before hand and showing her lots of mood board helped as well, as on the day she knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. When it came to editing I worried a lot on how I was going to edit a film together but I managed to figure it out and it was fine. With my editorial I managed to edit and create my editorial with in a day so that took some pressure off as I had time to focus on other things. Overall I really enjoyed this unit and I would do it again and I wouldn’t change anything.