CSA Architecture: Week 4

October 10, 2017by samgassonCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News


My 4th Development 


This image was taken in the previous shoot which was an example of the architect since the majority of photos were of his materials (MDF wooden models) on the table.

During this development, I brought in a tripod so I could hopefully straighten some images a little better. It turned out it was useful for rather having the images more sharper or focused within their depth of field as the shutter speed needed to be below 60th of a second to get a few more clearer exposures as the weather was having an effect of the lighting on the space.

tripod setup


bubble measurement to make sure the tripod was setup accurately


Colleague watching TV entertainment
Lawson negotiating with colleagues
Coffee and Food break
Telling Jokes with Lawson and Way
Lawson and his colleague preparing to drill into the triangular piece enabling connections to other pieces
Lawson at his workshop working with 18mm plywood
Lawson having a laugh as well as a Q&A with tutor

The shoot overall was mainly consistent for having myself as a photographer in residence to be following Lawson around the university space to capture him as a person as well as a worker for the CSA (School of Architecture). The images above show a variety of angles or visual interpretation of the architect, whenever it was him having a laugh with colleagues as well as myself, and attending mandatory sessions where I would follow and have a little experience of what It was like to be in Lawson’s shoes as a developing architect in his 3rd year. Once I was at the stage of choosing images to be printed I overall had two workspace images along with three images I liked from my latest shoot of the personality expression of Lawson.


My Final Prints