CSA Blog Entry 1/4 Ethan Hughes

October 11, 2017by ethanhughesCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News

Original Idea for CSA: After being introduced to our client Gabor Stark and being given a tour around the Canterbury School of Architecture, I started to look further into the many different aspects and types of architecture that are used in today’s society. To try and find inspiration I returned to the Canterbury campus and began looking into the different kinds of Architecture subjects that are taught within the University (Interior, Architecture and Design etc.…), I did this to try and see what parts of Architecture interested me the most. To help try and find inspiration I began by looking around the Canterbury Architecture department, to understand what these architecture subjects are all about. I also began talking to a range of students from different architecture courses, asking them what studying their course details and what they do and produce in forms of work throughout their years. After having a look around the department, I found great interest in some miniature sculptures and models of buildings that were produced by architecture students of all years. Knowing this I then began looking at the range and availability of these models and constructions, looking into the different materials made to produce these works and their general architectural shape. After looking through all the different kinds of models that had been made throughout the years, I decided to use white 3D models, my plan was to set these objects on a white backdrop as then the lack of detail would give the works a certain ambiguity about them. However, I thought that just photographing these models would be too simplistic, so I began looking into the architectural process, how an architect goes from the original drawing to an actual construction of a sculpture or building. After doing this there were mainly three aspects of this process that I believed I could replicate in the editing of my work. The three processes were ‘Planned Drawing’, ‘Producing a 3d model’ and ‘The Final Construction’. For my final images, I planned on lining the images alongside one another in a series of three, with them all having the same perspective on the work, however all displaying a different part of the process of making an architectural structure. To do the drawing I took influence from the work of Christian Fuchs whose work involved doing a digital outlining of an image to show what the place might look like when it is being laid out by an architect. To do the outline I planned on using a still image of the white sculptures/buildings and by using the line tool in Adobe Photoshop I would then draw out the layout of these objects and show to the viewer what they may look like when they were first being drawn out. For photographing the 3D white model, I took further influence from the work of Yohei Sasakura, a Japanese architecture photographer whose work focuses on photographing white 3D models on a white backdrop with the use of lighting and shadow to define the details between the two. For this I would shoot the 3D models in such a way that the lighting and shading would help to define the detail and outline shape of these objects to make them stand out from the backdrop. For the final image in this process, trying to bring the white 3D models into the real world. To do this I planned on talking to some of the students that have produced some of these white sculptures/buildings, and then asking them a few questions about their work to come to an understanding that if this sculpture/building were to be brought into the real world, what ideally would they want it to look like and be made out of. After agreeing on materials and the location, I would then go out and take images of the desired location and photograph multiple constructed buildings that are either built out of this material or has parts of its structure made out of the desired material. After collecting this information, I would then digitally manipulate these images in Adobe Photoshop so that they would then match up to the shaping of the building and depict what it would possibly look like in the real world. Whilst looking around the architecture department I was fortunate enough to meet a few of the students that have produced some white models. I began to chat with them specifying who I was, why I was interested in their work, and whether they would let me use their work in my unit’s work. Fortunately, most have agreed to let me do this and we have already sat down together discussed possible locations and materials they would ideally like for this to be placed in. For my final work, I intend on doing this process with three white sculptures/building models created by three different Architecture students, with each one going through the same three image process of ‘Drawing’, ‘White 3D model’ and ‘The Real Thing’. The way that I would like to present these final images of work would be in the style of the Bechers, Laying out the 9 prints in a gridded system. I would lay it out so that all 3 images going horizontally from left to right would portray the 3-different works of an individual students work, whilst the 3 images going vertically from top to bottom would represent a specific part of the architectural process.