CSA Development week 2

October 10, 2017by emmalelittkaCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News

After the presentation with Heike and Gabor, it was discussed that we should go down the route of shooting photographs within the Canterbury School Of Architecture building itself, rather then shooting sister buildings, as this didn’t have a strong enough connection to what Gabor was asking of us. Gabor suggested photographing something that is really essential to the students, work environment. From this Beth and I discussed what we think we should be shooting; our conclusion was to photograph doors and stairs, and present in a similar way to the Becha’s as they were our main inspiration for this project. Our reasoning for doors, was because we see it as they open up opportunities to you within your education, and help to take you down the right path, this is also why we choose to shoot stairs, not only do we think they will look very aesthetically pleasing in black and white, but because they can be seen to take you higher within your learning. all-before all-before-edits-csa-3 all-before-edits-csa-2 all-before-edits-csa-1