October 12, 2017by bethhitchenCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News


I found this project to be quite challenging as we went through. The time scale we had was quite short to be able to achieve a high quality of work that would need time. If i could go back i would definitely plan more shoots and take a lot more pictures just so there were more to show and possibly edit from.

out of our two final pieces, the strongest one is the stairs image, purely for the fact i feel they show more depth than what the doors do especially with the doors.

just before printing we decided to make some last minutes tweaks to hopefully make out work stronger. in the image of the stairs on the right hand side, there was someones legs there so we decided to photoshop them out so they were a distraction.


screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-09-51 screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-11-09