CSA Evaluation, Week 4

October 10, 2017by emmalelittkaCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News

For this project I would have liked to been able to expand a bit more, for example doing more test shoots, enabling me to have more images to work with and play around with the composition of our final images. Although I am happy with our final 2 images, I believe it would have been good for me to do a bit more experimenting with different collections of images, and playing around with their layouts etc.Out of our two final pieces I have to say I think the stronger out of the two is the stairs, only because there are so many different angles involved, lighting coming in through some of the gaps, as well as lots of linear properties to guide your eyes when looking at the image. On the other hand, the door image is slightly more simple, because there isn’t so much going on in the image, the colours are block colours with not as much contrast as the stairs, not only this but we didn’t have as many original photos of doors to work with because of the difficulties we had that i mentioned in the previous post. Meaning we have 5 images in this final image rather then 6 like in the stairs image, on the other hand, i feel this relates a bit more closely to Bernt and Hilla Becha’s work as the layout seems to be more relaxed, rather then not knowing where to look. When it came to printing these images we decided to make some last minute changes to the final photos to make them stronger, in the stairs photo we edited our the girls legs at the top of the stairs, and the doors photo we added another 2 doors so it looked like it fit within the series more. I have attached both before and after pictures to this blog so the comparisons can be seen. final-doors-2final-stairs