Hannah Grundy – Exposure 2/4

October 3, 2017by hannahgrundyCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News


Outcome of Test Photoshoot

The test photoshoot at the Canterbury Cathedral allowed the capture of the symmetry within the structures, this shoot focused on capturing the doors and windows of the building by photographing the patterns of certain doors/windows, to allow the client to recognise the symmetric symbolism of these designs.

The selected photographs show the favoured designs taken by my visit to Canterbury Cathedral, as they most appropriately display this concept idea. Which was including in the decision making of composing the images, as aspects of the buildings my eyes were naturally drawn to out of interest to photograph created a combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns within the structure of the location.


‘Salvation’ Stain Glass Window – Canterbury Cathedral


Feedback from Client: 28.09.17 – Canterbury

After this short presentation, the idea to investigate pattern within general architecture in Canterbury was not well received by the client, at this point I had given the idea to investigate just pattern within Canterbury’s architecture. From this I evaluated that there had been a misunderstanding with interpretations of the brief given, and adapted my previous research to display the interest of investigating symmetry and asymmetry within the School of Architecture.

At this point, I am more interested in creating asymmetrical images, to learn more on creating tension in images as a photographic skill. As well as this, I want to create a style of images that displays these viewpoints created using a diagonal perspective as a way of capturing the asymmetry.

I arrived at this concluding thought by responding to advice given by the tutors to create a concept connecting to the Canterbury School of Architecture, perhaps using Juxtaposition as a project basis. From this initiated the artist research for this adapted concept, with the interest of capturing the campus through diagonal patterns and structures creating asymmetry as a part of the School of Architecture. In response to this, I began to research artists with work that reflected my adapted project concept – https://hgrundyphoto.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/exposure-week-two/

Plans for continuing concept

Using this feedback and the artist research as inspiration, I created a plan to scout for ideal aspects of the university campus building to photograph, by purposely creating a diagonal perspective in the images, designed to create asymmetry that will be visually recognisable for the client.

To plan where I wanted to photograph involved viewing a map of the university, which allowed viewing whether other parts of the university could be accessible, and places that would still relate to the School of Architecture building, perhaps the other types of work curated there currently. From this I found interest in the galleries and theatres located on the first floor, as well as the stage 1 studio for architecture students. This is because of the likelihood of Architecture students work being displayed, within different parts of the campus buildings. Which would benefit the photographs as items that would illustrate the diagonal viewpoint and present asymmetry can be interpreted through my photographic perspective.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 02.11.21 Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 02.11.37 Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 02.11.50