Hannah Grundy – Exposure 3/4

October 11, 2017by hannahgrundyCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News


Continuing from the second week, I have thought more about potential locations to photograph as part of the building, some surfaces that are exterior and some interior to illustrate the university thoroughly, whilst still demonstrating asymmetry as a key part of my concept.

As said in the previous post, I found interest in the galleries and theatres located on the first floor, as well as the stage 1 studio for architecture students which is demonstrated in the selected photographs below.

Adapting concept through editing development

In addition to investigating surface structure of the school of architecture through the use of vertical asymmetry to create a distorted perspective. I also had the interest of creating a diagonal perspective for the viewer, this was inspired by the research shown in a previous post, Exposure Week Two (https://wordpress.com/post/hgrundyphoto.wordpress.com/2374) which demonstrates the work by David Higgins and Lauri Novak.

To illustrate this interest in capturing aspects of the campus in a vertically asymmetric form, I have chosen to capture using a portrait facing composition, and from this I have narrowed some image choices for final prints, I have chosen these images as possible final prints because they display a colour scheme and similar use of light and parts of the campus buildings, demonstrated below.

img_0282-1-2 img_0316-1 img_0409-1 img_0453-1 img_0454-1-2 img_0498-1

img_0445-1img_0360-1 img_0363-1-2 img_0469-1


Development of visual using Indesign

As a part of the visual development I browsed the images exported from editing, and experimented with the layout of the photograph using InDesign, which I think could work potentially being shown in a presentation booklet in the order of the screenshots below.

However, these are not the final prints. These are just a mock example to allow me differentiate the layout until it looks the most successful I think it can look, but currently this is the proposed layout, depending on printing allowances at UCA Rochester campus. This is because the visual needs to be significantly coherent for the client, in light of this I have purposely placed the images together that create a link, (other than the concept). Particularly the composition in regards to structure and pattern.


screen-shot-2017-10-08-at-23-13-47   screen-shot-2017-10-08-at-23-13-18

Selecting final photographic prints

Before printing I narrowed the selection of prints on InDesign from ten images to six, to provide a more focused visual to present next week. This is the order of the images I would like to present using transparent sheets within a folder for the client to review when necessary. https://wordpress.com/post/hgrundyphoto.wordpress.com/2377

img_0282-1-2 img_0360-1 img_0469-1 img_0363-1-2 img_0453-1 img_0409-1

Progressing to the end of project response to CSA brief

In preparation for the last week and the final presentation to the client for this unit, I am going to print the final images I have selected above, and am going to be using A3 photo satin paper, a separate sheet for every individual image as required by the brief. Aside from the quality of the images, this was a factor of selecting which photographs to print, because of estimations of the potential success of the images being printed on A3 paper.

Before the conclusion of the project, I can continue to re order or re edit potential images if needs be, but I am content with the images I have produced due to my effort for each image to be vertically asymmetric, and demonstrate a display of different places within the Canterbury campus and particularly the School of Architecture building, also in line with the agreed brief.