Hannah Grundy – Exposure 4/4

October 11, 2017by hannahgrundyCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News


Printing Final Prints

The beginning of the final week for this part of the unit involved printing my final photographs for presentation and submission. The order of the prints in these photographs isn’t the layout they will be presented in, this just an example of them whilst the ink was drying, but I am still pleased with the outcome of the six final prints. I plan to present the photographs in a portfolio sleeve folder, to allow the client to review the images when necessary during the presentation later this week.




The conclusion of the project this week has given the chance to collectively assess the visual work and blog posts that I have produced, during this comparatively short amount of time for a project. At the beginning of this unit I had a different outlook on how to respond using my creative integrity and professional skills, as I was given a setback due to misunderstanding aspects of the brief, but I have adapted my work and time effectively to fix this issue, for the purpose of improving what I am presenting to the client and to gain a positive response during the final presentation, which I am hopeful for. In regards to my final prints and blog work relating to the assessment criteria and learning outcomes, I feel I have adapted my work collectively to accurately respond to these several times during this project by proof reading text and making corrections when necessary, as my concept changed a lot during this part of the Exposure unit.

In response to the learning outcomes for this unit, this brief with a client working within architecture has given the opportunity to view how working in that type of environment could potentially be for a future perspective. This has created further understanding of the first learning outcome (to enhance your career opportunities through knowledge of relevant industries), and working with clients in architecture to produce work is something I would potentially continue with. As I have gained knowledge of expectations and the importance of personal preferences of the client within this category of industry.

This project has also allowed practice with working as a part of an agreed brief, at another location other than our campus. With regards to the second learning outcome (to produce work with external agencies and clients to an agreed brief, whilst maintaining your creative integrity. Analyse and apply this experience to inform your career plan). This experience has aided the future task of creating an informed career plan, apart from the change of concept during the middle of the project due to negative feedback, it isn’t something I would rule out when thinking about potential career paths.

With regards to the third learning outcome (evidence the production of a project to a brief. Evidence the application of necessary communication, creative and professional skills). The responses at the project pitch, allowed communication between myself and client/tutor about how to progress in another direction in regards to my project concept and image style. This briefly affected my creative and professional skills as I was at a loss of how to continue, but I was able to collect my thoughts and ideas and created a new/adapted concept shortly afterwards with the outcome being to visually investigate asymmetry, using a portrait composition and a diagonal point of view in the images.

In conclusion, this evaluation presents the perspective I have gained through working with a client in the architecture industry, in relation to the set assessment requirements. Overall, I have found this experience of working with the School of Architecture to be challenging yet rewarding, this is because the start of the project began very differently in comparison to the final outcome. I would agree that I have responded successfully to the learning outcomes as through reflecting on the work completed, I feel that career opportunities could be enhanced by this practice due to the knowledge gained about this industry. From this experience, I would be able to confidently approach an architectural client and have some knowledge of what to expect with future prospects, as well learning to adapt evidence of a production in relation to a brief given in this type category involved in photographic industries. I would also confidently state that the outcome has helped with maintaining my creative integrity through creating prints specifically responding to the brief given, which has been a successful penultimate conclusion to this part of the unit.