Hannah Grundy – Exposure 1/4

September 27, 2017by hannahgrundyCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News


Project Proposal

In response to the brief given by Gabor Stark at Canterbury School of Architecture.

A brief which included information about the university and the surrounding areas suitable for photographic interest. In response to selecting this option for the Exposure unit, this part of the project is the basis of Element one, which is the ‘Production of photographic work and contextual input with an external professional client.’

For the proposal with the purpose of practicing creating architectural photography, I have chosen to visually investigate the patterns found within architecture itself, perhaps specifically of churches and cathedrals to capture the surrounding areas in Kent, this is because the buildings were built within a previous century but still withstand and attract visitors, which is an aspect that interests myself. I completed a test photoshoot in Canterbury Cathedral, this location was chosen to capture some of the local area, and display the details and patterns within the artwork designed with the building, particularly drawing focus to the stain glass windows that encompass the cathedral, each one containing a different religious mural or pattern design.

I have chosen to visually investigate the pattern designs within architecture, as this is an aspect that has always been interesting from my perspective, and I can now produce work capturing the details in response to this brief. I have included some more of the photographs I have taken during the test photoshoot to display my idea for the proposal. To continue with the CSA brief, I want to extend this photographic documentation of architectural patterns, by continuing to capture hopefully both exterior and interior designs of the local religious buildings, mostly the locations I want to visit will be found in Canterbury and Rochester, but this will require some further research on whether the buildings allow visitors and photographs being taken.

As part of our response to the brief, we have been given instructions to work with, these are; the client wishes to commission photography or other artefacts that document and/or respond creatively to the teaching and learning environment and/or that captures the narrative of the the different subject areas.

The school is also very interested in the inter disciplinary exchanges between subject areas of Photography and Architecture. Consider how your creative visual approach can imbue the ethos of the School of Architecture that raises awareness of the subject areas as centres of excellence to its target audiences. The client is open to a variety of outputs.

Cover of travel expenses and production costs must be negotiated and submitted with all creative proposals to the client and the unit leader. These require the full agreement of the client and the unit leader before proceeding.

Students are encouraged to spend a significant amount of time on campus or relevant environments.

In response to the these aspects as well as the client’s brief, I began with researching architectural photographers that have photographed using symmetry as a basis for the work created using their surroundings, particularly through the use of doors and windows, to highlight the patterns and structures that create this symmetry. This research and the progress of the project can be viewed on my personal photography blog – https://wordpress.com/post/hgrundyphoto.wordpress.com/2377.

Visually investigating these artists has created a concept for this project in response to researching the use of the symmetry/asymmetry established by their work, but I want to focus on the use of a Canterbury landmark, the Cathedral and photograph the interior/exterior patterns and structures. This idea and the images from the photoshoot will be pitched to the client next week and feedback will be given, which will be responded to as an aspect of the next post. Some of the images captured can be seen below.

img_0220-1 img_0182-1 img_0252-1 img_0202-1