CSA project proposal; Emma Lelittka and Beth Hitchen Week 1

September 27, 2017by emmalelittkaCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News





For this project we are really interested in looking at the history of the building of the Canterbury school or architecture, and local sister buildings near by. Throughout this project we plan on comparing the buildings to one another, and combining the two buildings using different formats for example, collage. Collage is something that we are both very interested in, especially black and white. We enjoy seeing work that has added texture to it, however for out final series of images if we use a collage method of some sort we plan on then photographing the original image and printing that in a high quality, just to eliminate the factors of the collage becoming loose or being damaged while being transported or while being shown.   To begin our project we want to do some research on the history of the building and also the client so that we are sure we are fitting the brief and all of the assessment criteria’s. Then developing our project by exploring more and looking at relevant photographers, that work in the style of black and white and collage. Our main inspiration is Bernt and Hilla Becha, we love how they compose their images, as well as frame them really well. When we began our research we actually stumbled across Gabor Stark’s word press and were really inspired by it before actually realising he was the client for this project. Which is amazing!   We think by working as a team for this project we will be able to reach a new depth of experimentation and also have some very valid research to support our work, when working together on previous occasions we know that we bounce off each other very well when it comes to ideas and production of work, we also like to think that we as a couple will take care and pride in the quality of work we will provide for the client in order to meet his expectations. Exceeding the qualities and expectations of the project and client.