October 12, 2017by bethhitchenCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)ExposureNews


When it came to shooting for this project, we found it important to stick to consistency and making sure that is clear. we thought this was important especially when we are taking inspiration from the becher’s as their work is always consistent and perfectly framed, creating that perfect series.

i found that we had really struggled with trying the take an image so perfectly framed and even with the lens fully zoomed out and us standing as far as possible from the subject and with the camera on the tripod, sometimes the framing was so off yet sometimes the framing was consistent and framed well.

as we were going through the images our contact sheets ended up being not as big as they could’ve been because of the limitations. screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-36-43 screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-36-32 screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-36-50 screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-36-55 screen-shot-2017-10-12-at-15-37-01