CSA shooting, week 3

October 10, 2017by emmalelittkaCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News

For this project when it came to shooting, I thought it was really important to show consistency within our images, because of our inspiration the Becha’s, who’s work is always perfectly framed, in line, contrast for all the images are on the same level, their structures show very clear similarities. When shooting I took a tripod and tried to keep the framing and point of view the same in each photo, sometimes this proved to be quite hard as there wasn’t always enough room in front or behind the stair case, or in front of the door, so we found ourselves standing as close to the opposite wall as possible with the lens fully zoomed out, and even still sometimes this didn’t allow us enough space to capture and frame the image nicely, so there was a lot of trial and error involved. Because of this we found ourselves to be quite restricted to doors and stair cases, meaning our contact sheets aren’t as big as i would have liked them to be, however i think we did well to achieve some of the results we have, and hopefully this will come across in our final printed images. img_3708 img_3769 img_3770 l-1024-13 l-1024 l-3720 l-3720