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To conclude for this unit I feel both myself and my partner I worked with managed to achieve and meet the client’s needs. Our client gave us a scarf each, by the company Hermès and asked us to advertise the scarf with a 30 second clip and with an 8 page editorial spread. Collectively our ideas came together nicely and through working hard and communicating well as a team, we were able to produce the quality of work to the standards we had hoped for. I feel we both benefitted by working as a team, as we both brought different ideas to the table. Due to us both having good organisational skills we were able to work way ahead of schedule and to make sure everything we had arranged ran fluently and on time. With the time scale given I feel I may have struggled on my own. Also, with having such a big idea and working with animals neither of us had worked with before, we felt as though this may also have been difficult to achieve if working on our own. Even though I feel I would have been able to accomplish this on my own, I personally feel the quality of work wouldn’t have been as strong.
I had great fun working on this project and was grateful to be given this opportunity to work with the company and one of their products. For a first attempt I feel we handled the project in a very professional manner and tried to fit with the client’s needs, whilst adding our own style into the work.
I feel our ideas really connected well with the style of scarf we had. Having researched the company I felt the theme we chose fitted quite nicely, as the company originated in a barn. Having researched the work they produce in advertising I feel that our work will enhance their already strong advertising campaigns. We both would have liked to work with the horses more, if we had, had more time.
The choices we made in choosing the model and style of clothing was very accurate and was reflected well with the research we undertook and with the mood boards we created. This project was very different from my usual briefs as we had a specific task to undertake, where as our normal briefs are usually left to our own devices. Like with all my work I strive to do the best that I can do with the limited equipment that I possess.
Our final video and images has achieved what we had set out to do. With plenty of research both on the background of the company and our location seem to gel nicely together. Our choices of different focal length, contrasted well with our theme. Our three different location’s knitted together fantastically as we didn’t want totally contrasting places within our video. Like most people we filmed and photographed more than what we needed, but that is not a bad thing, but it does make it more difficult to condense it down into a short video.
Although this video was based on what the client wants, it is important to put your own stamp on it otherwise you will end up trying to replicate other people’s work. You want to achieve something that is unique to your client.
The challenges of this project have been quite difficult due to the time restraint, working with animals, arranging a models and bringing it altogether. Although it has been hard work, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next assignment.
I feel with the chosen effects we placed over our video worked great. We thought it best to shoot digitally rather than film due to the time scale, but given that we had more time we would of most likely shot on film. But for this time we wanted to produce a high quality video, therefore we shot in digital and edited a film effect via the video editing programme we used.