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October 11, 2017by emilywoodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

After researching into the brand and gaining some knowledge on my initial ideas that I had for the project I decided to look into some artists and photographers that I thought would benefit my project. As well as photographers that linked in directly to my work I was planning on doing I ¬†also looked at photographers and stylists that directly worked with Hermes as to see their styles and the work in which they personally created. A main influencer for my work was that created by Irving Penn. Penn’s close up detailed shots really interested me and I felt as though he influenced one of my favourite images. As I said I also looked into the work of photographer Nathaniel Goldberg and stylist Camille Bidault Waddington who worked directly with Hermes as a brand. I found it interesting to see the work in which they created with Hermes and to see the look in which they are able to create. During this development process I also created multiple mood boards to show my ideas for my photograph and video shoot on paper. I found this useful with regard to planning the location, styling, posing and model in which I wanted to use. For my final mood boards they are a lot more defined and have clearer messages with regard to the type of final pieces I will be producing. From originally wanting to focus on the colour of the scarf I then changed my mind and decided to focus on the pattern for my photographs. I was happy with my final decision as I felt as though my styling and location elements also benefitted from it. Here I have included some examples of my mood boards. As I moved forward with the project and my ideas with regard to the main focus changed slightly you can somewhat see the difference and how my process changed with regard to what I wanted the final outcome to be. With the styling element I thought it vital to experiment with the scarf and see the ways in which I could tie it successfully and create a look that was relevant to the one in which I wanted to create. I found this really useful in the long run as when it came to my final shoot I had already been able to experiment with ways to tie the scarf and therefore it was easier to style in a way which suited my look overall. Below I have included a coupe of my first test shots experimenting with the scarf and also some mood boards. As you can see the test shots were done in a very casual way and it was purely to see what way the model best suited the scarf and the ways in which would be controversial to how a scarf would normally be worn. I have also included a selection of my mood boards that I have created though out the project in relation to both the video and photography element of the project. As you can see there is a lot of patterns and colour in the mood boards which I think I was able to successfully translate with my video and photography. I most defiantly found my work to correspond to the mood boards in which I had created well and found the mood boards a vital source to having a clear idea in my head about what I wanted to create and how I would go about doing so. cover-for-test-shots img_9029screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-19-30screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-19-40screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-20-21screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-20-31