Emily Wood- Hermes Evaluation

October 11, 2017by emilywoodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

This project was based on creating an editorial and a video for the brand Hermes using one of their silk scarves of which we were all given. I began my project by researching into the brand, exploring its history, existing products that have enabled the brand to grow and also the editorials and videos of which were already created. I found this useful as it enabled me to really get a feel for the brand and the type of garments and products they sold and also the brand as a whole being very luxurious. After this I then planned my type of shoot of which I wanted to create. I research a couple of photographers of which I though would be useful to look at with regard to photography style and the way in which the photograph would be taken. I also looked in to the smaller details that would be just as important such as the way in which the scarf would be tied and colours in which would suit this. With regards to my practice shoot with tying the scarf I found this to be really useful when it got to my final shoot and also the video shoot as I knew what ways in which tying the scarf worked and which best suited the style in which I was going for. With regard to planning my shoots I created many mood boards as to careful plan out my ideas and finalise them. I have mood boards for styling, models, location and styling and a few for the kind of angles and shots of which I wanted to include. I think my mood boards enable the viewer to see where my ideas seemed from and the type of emotion and style with in the images of which I was going for. My idea from the start was to really concentrate my work on patterns and the use of pattern within in the scarf. As the scarf is very unique and patterned heavily with the alphabet made of animals I thought I would shoot my images in a deserted location as to really make the scarf stand out and look even more unique and eye-catching in comparison to the rest of the photograph. The only issue I had with my photography element of the project was the issues I had revolving around printing however I overcame them and was able to have the elements needed for the hand in. During post shoot editing and looking at other photographers who did similar I decided to have my final prints in black and white. I felt as though this really made the photographs feel intense and gave a different twist on the images. The depth of field within the photographs is strong as I wanted the model, and more importantly the scarf to be the main focus of the overall image with regard to standing out well. With the video I decided to give it a very happy, bubbly and interesting twist and ensured the model looked happy and showed personality. As the video was in a vintage colour scheme I decided that the film should be light hearted and fun to reflected the colours and patterns seen on the scarf. The music in which I used within the film was also running alongside the youthful and bouncy imagery, styling and movement I also used which I think tied it all in really well together. I think the vintage look of the video really works with the overall look of which I wanted to create with the video and it all ties in well with the poses and the styling worn by the model.I have posted my video to Vimeo. Overall with the project I think I have done well with the time in which we had and the two projects in which we had to complete. I felt as though I was prepared with the styling and research in which I had completed in the build up to the photo shoot and video shoot and therefore didn’t run into any direct issues whilst on the shoots. I found the artist research and the mood boarding really impacted my final pieces and the way in which I was able to do my work to the best of my ability. Below I have included my work from the mood boards, to the test shots, to the final pieces. I am proud of my final pieces and think that even though they work well alongside Hermes as a brand, they also contrast with the typical Hermes look which I find really interesting and am proud of. Video Link- https://vimeo.com/237430466   final-image-two-2 final-image-five final-image-four final-image-one-3 final-image-seven final-image-six final-image-three-2     cover-for-test-shots img_9029screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-20-31 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-20-21 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-19-40 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-22-19-30