Emily Wood- Hermes Final Outcome

October 11, 2017by emilywoodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

My final outcomes for the Hermes project included photographs and a video. After much planning, test shooting, researching and styling practice I felt as though my final shoot was well prepared for and therefore felt confident with shooting my photographs and ensuring I was happy with them before post production. As I previously stated I had originally wanted to focus the shoot on the vibrant colour within the scarf however changed my mind. During post production I was able to experiment with the editing process and that made up my mind with the idea of focusing the patterns and having the images in black and white instead of colour. I feel as though this worked out the best for me and the work I was completing as it gave the images a more intimate look and gave them more depth more so than being in colour with the distractions. As for the location I found it was exactly what I imagined it to be, and the styling also tied in well with the location as it was quite an urban look, softened up by the scarf loosely tied around the models next or head. The posing in which the model held was also interesting and added to the overall relaxed look of which I was aiming to create within the photograph. Below I have included my final pieces. I feel as though even though it is a fashion shoot there is a slight documentary feel to the images, mostly given off by the facial expressions, black and white edits and the poses in which the model is in. I am pleased with my outcome and think I have looked at the Hermes scarf in a new light with regard to making it enhance the location and give off an interesting look and accessory to the outfit but also is an interesting contrast to what we will be used to with seeing in Hermes editorials. final-image-two-2 final-image-three-2 final-image-six final-image-seven final-image-one-3 final-image-four final-image-five