Emily Wood- Proposal

October 5, 2017by emilywoodFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Emily Wood Proposal for working with Hermes scarf and Olivia Pomp. We were each individually given a scarf picked at random. My scarf that I picked was bright pink with a yellow piping around the outside, decorated with the alphabet which was made out of different animals, which was eye catching to say the least. With the scarf we were asked to create a 8 page editorial and a 30 second video as our final pieces. At first I wanted to learn as much about Hermes as a brand therefore did a lot of research into its history, the different products and also photographers that worked alongside Hermes for a long amount of time. I found all of the research of which I completed useful and effective for the future and furthering my knowledge on the brand and the type of imagery and video of which they created helped me towards my own personal final piece. After my initial and brand research I then thought about my own work and the type of look I wanted to complete. To help me get my head clear and have clear ideas as to what I wanted to achieve with the overall look of the scarf shoot I did multiple mood boards showing my ideas surrounding color, models, locations, patterns and poses. I was happy with my mood boards and found they looked effective and gave a clear impression of the type of look of what i wanted to create. Location wise I knew I wanted to shoot in a deserted and dull looking urban location. I decided that this would really make the scarf pop and the patterns stand out against the background. The next step for me was to research the different ways in which the scarf could be tied and how to make it look interesting and to best suit the purpose of the look of which I was going for. I found interesting images that were some what guidelines of the type of looks I wanted to create within my work. Similarly to researching for the photographs I did the same for the video with regard to watching and analyzing the way in which they were created and the way in which they moved in a particular way. With videos I felt less prepared as I feel less confident with creating a video, however with my research into the videos of which the brand has created I have learnt about which style I will be aiming for throughout.  Next I did test shots (included) of different ways in which to tie and style the scarf. I was happy I did the initial research on how to tie the scarf, and was later happy I had done this test shoot as to see what best suited the models look and the style of images I was aiming for. The shots I got for the initial images were very relaxed and casual as they were purely to test color and the styling of the scarf, however I feel as though the happy faces runs alongside the bright scarf well as it it a bright and happy color as it is. I also ensured I did plenty of research into the type of editorials that Hermes had already completed as to not only gain the inspiration but to see whether my work looked interesting in comparison, or challenged the high end brand look that is often paired with Hermes for obvious reasons. I also researched into photographers and stylists that had previously worked alongside Hermes as to see the style of images and how well they work together. I found the work of Nathaniel Goldberg with Hermes really interesting and pretty impressive with regard to the successful movement and color in which he has used. The images of which he created were very high quality and interesting. With regard to my final shoot I feel as though I am well prepared planning wise as I have completed a lot of research with regard to other artists, styling, mood boards and colors. I had prepared a shoot day and checked the weather to enable it would be clear and therefore was excited to complete my shoot and get editing both the images and the video. 22007668_1857569677601523_1110410153291370373_n21766396_1857567367601754_5217612117734461181_n