Entering the Art World: Part 1

October 12, 2017by kayleewilliamsEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News

After doing research on both art galleries and online visibility strategies, I think it’s pretty easy to divide my plan for entering the art world into two parts. Throughout my final year, I think that it’s more practical for me to focus on ‘entering the art world’ digitally by focusing on online platforms. As I will be spending a lot of the year preparing for two graduate shows, I think it’s more practical for to focus on this instead of aiming for galleries as I realistically am likely to struggle with organizing this on top of that. Online content can be added to and built upon throughout the next few months without any deadlines or restrictions, making it much easier to contribute content regularly. I also think that the use of social media can help build connections in the industry as it’s very easy to interact with other content creators, which is a useful opportunity to have once I’ve graduated. I plan to build my online portfolio using Format as I found it the easiest to use and create a website I am happy with. I also plan to continue using the Twitter and Instagram social media accounts I created, adding new content to both these and the website regularly as I create more work.