October 12, 2017by eviedownhamFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Overall i think that my project went well considering we only had 4 weeks to come up with an idea and shoot images for a magazine spread and make a short 30 second fashion film. I struggled when it came to models because everyone i asked weren’t ¬†available. I was originally going to use a black model for my shoots as you can see with my make up mood board but in the end i didn’t because the model i used for my test shoot worked well for my over all look for the project. Also she is a dancer and so that made it a lot easier when it came to filming my film as i didn’t really need to tell her how to move because she just listened to the beat of a song. I chose to use the song poison by rita ora as i felt that it went well with the movement in the film. Admittedly i should have done a test shoot for the filming but on the day of the test shoot i ran out of time to practice filming with a canon 6d. ¬†Also in my final film i struggle to keep her in the frame with the back drop as it was such a small space for her to dance in. In the test shoot also i had a lot problems when it came to doing the lighting to the point i wasn’t able to get the lights to flash in sync and so had a friend to help set up and sit and press the flash when i was going to take the images. As you can see from the test shoot it didn’t work very well as the images came out very dark and blurred as i had to rush to press the button the same time as when the flash went off. I think that if the project was longer i would have more time to plan out my test shoot and do more then one to make sure that i would achieve the best images that i can.