Exposure unit: Entering the art world with Ori Gersht

November 2, 2017by paulwicksEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News


A four week unit aimed at discovering the required knowledge to gain attention within the art world, via physical networking, electronic and digital media platforms.

Week 1
Included reading and understanding of the task in hand, I then planned the four-week period accordingly.
Week 1 Research.
Week 2 Contact and physical visits.
Week 3 Analysing my own online presence in relation to others.
Week 4 Research and preparation of final presentation to clients.

After familiarising myself I began with online searches for galleries and organisations that may be viable for approach. A number were found Including ‘A Brooks Art Space’, ‘A Side B Side’ and ‘The Brick Lane gallery’. I also utilised contacts within UCA for advice and possible venues. Plans were made to visit the galleries found.

Week 2
Was spent following up research and visiting/communicating with galleries; I visited Margate to attempt to gain access to the owner of A Brooks (London) via a smaller subsidiary, sadly this was closed down but I gained valuable knowledge speaking to other owner artists within the artists quarter.
I then visited London and A Brooks only to find it was closed down. I did however meet with another gallery and spent some time with the owner discussing art fairs, his methods of working and his current artists. One of the galleries I approached and researched requested my portfolio for submittal.


I also met with my tutor to discuss progress and other potential outlets for my work.

Week 3
I analysed my online presence in order to create better branding and cohesion between them all, I used a number of sources including the UCA library both online and in person and also the internet.
I also prepared my visibility presentation and received feedback from both Ori and Heike which I will follow up in week 4.
I am pleased to say the gallery that requested my portfolio and offered me a place in their next exhibition, sadly after further research this was not a viable option but I am thankful all the same.


Week 4
Was spent visiting ‘The Other Art Fair’ opening night; I made notes of artists, display sizes and product costs in order to add to my research. I also spent time completing my research into visibility methods using social media; All recommendations have been implemented although many, such as SEO takes time to proliferate across the internet. I am pleased to say though, that when searching for my name or my business I am now page one on Google and Yahoo. More adaptations to meta tags are required and the process ongoing; but it is an excellent early indication that my learning and efforts are beneficial.
I also began collating research and building my presentation for the unit final submission presentation, this I found difficult as there was so much information gathered, it became a challenge editing what was worth keeping in and what was not as much of it was relevant.


Post presentation
I am pleased to report that my work was well received by the client with excellent comments; I received an overall mark of 95% equating to an A+.

Overall the unit was challenging at times, as Professor Gersht requested a lot of information to be researched which to begin with, seemed irrelevant. However, after completion I now understand the need for thorough research, effort and the development of skills in order to progress in the world of art and his methods help to reduce wasting of time and ensures monetary investment being used in the correct ways.
I have learnt and researched valuable skills which are already achieving good results.