Gallery Research

October 12, 2017by kayleewilliamsEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News

When it came to researching relevant galleries, I was interested in finding a range of different locations that could all offer me something different. I looked into The Brick Lane Gallery as it runs a series of themed shows all year around that artists can submit work to. I think it’s a good stepping stone for a graduate to create connections with others in the industry as well as gain new interest from people who attend to see the others’ work, and is easily accessible, thus making it suitable and relevant to me. Another gallery that I found relevant to me is Cell Project Space. Not only is it a clean, white exhibition space in an area of London that is a hub for artists, but through it’s charity, Cell Foundation, it is also an affordable workspace for artists to create their work. The space and foundation both aim to support both establish and emerging artists, ranging from practicing and experimenting with their work, to exhibition making itself. The third and final gallery I looked at was less about the gallery itself and more about one of the annual exhibitions. The National Portrait Gallery’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. For £28 per photograph, artists – ranging from leading professionals to emerging amateurs, can enter for their change to win the £15,000 prize. I feel that although it’s not guaranteed that I will even be accepted, this would be a good goal to work towards as I aim to improve my work throughout and after my graduation.