Georgia Plomer – Week 4 – Evaluation

October 12, 2017by gplomerFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

This is the final editorial that I’ve made for the Hermès project. This editorial is shot only using film, I originally made it just using my film images but after a tutorial where it was mentioned that the film editorial was much stronger then the digital one i decided to change my mind. I also wrote 2 haikus to feature in the editorial so that there was some more graphic elements to the piece as a whole. The 2 black and white images were also originally colour until a tutorial where it was again mentioned that I converted them to create more interest to the piece as a whole. I really love how the colours turned out on film, they look really beautiful and muted, it works really well with the styling that I’ve gone for. Originally i was going to shoot at Camber Sands however when we arrived there it was really windy and it had started raining, we waited it out for about half an hour and it just wasn’t clearing so I made the decision to go and try shoot somewhere else. Rhiannon had shot at this location in first year so had the contact details for the greenhouse, thankfully they allowed us to shoot there and we arrived at the location about 1pm and finished shooting at 5pm when they shut. I really love how the images look and I think it was a blessing in disguise that it was too rainy to shoot at the beach. page1 page2-bw page3 page4-bw-copy Below is my digital editorial, I do really like the images but I think that the film editorial looks much stronger overall. The colours look really nice against the green of the location, however i do think that the colours of the film editorial look more interesting. page1 page2 page3 page4
This is my final fashion film. I found it quite challenging to make, as fashion film isn’t my strong point and I was also worried that i didnt get enough footage on the shoot day. i think it turned out really well despite my worries. I was going to put a film filter over it so that my editorial and film worked better together as obviously my film is shot on digital, I did try this and i didnt like how it looked, i felt like it looked too fake. If i had more time I would’ve shot this on super 8 so that it looked really beautiful and worked with my editorial. Overall I’m so pleased with how this project turned out, I think I fulfilled what I wanted to achieve, i wanted to present Hermès in a really ‘fashion’ way and i think I really achieved this goal.