October 12, 2017by giorgianapallamaraBA (Hons) Photography Yr 3ExposureExposure External ProjectsNewsRoyal Engineers Museum and Archive (17/18)


The Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive is a place full of history and life.

I say “life” because where there has been a story, there has also been a moment in time which really happened and evolved, and that’s what life is made of: moments, events, situations. People usually tend to forget about the past and the people who made history; we are used to study them in books, or hear about it in a documentary maybe, or see some old pictures. But until it doesn’t get personal, such as a family archive, or some objects found from previous generations, we don’t usually get too much interested in it. Working with the REMLA made me appreciate what it means to be actually given the possibility to “handle” the past and put it out there, in the modern era, through my point of view and perspective.

I really admire and respect the Royal Engineers work because from now on, I will watch a war movie or read a book about history strategies thinking about how much work and effort there has been behind the scenes, in constructing and developing every single and little detail. Without all this, nothing would have been possible. The history of the world wouldn’t have been possible.

The outcome of my project is the result of all the things that I learned and got to know through the process of making my work. I think it’s really important to keep in mind that it’s not just the result that matters, but all the things one can learn through the development and all the more information one can get from someone/something new. My approach to REMLA and its archive, in this sense, has been really meaningful, as it made me understood how important and also necessary is to keep always reminding to yourself why you’re doing something; even if time passes, the reasons and motives of one’s actions, will always remain.

These are my final six images, which have been printed and mounted on a mounting board.