Graduate Success for Daniel Warnecke

December 15, 2015by rroach2Major ProjectNews

BA (Hons) Photography graduate Daniel Warnecke has made huge gains in the art world upon graduating this year, with his project working with 3D models to replicate and reimagine famous portraits.
After exhibiting in the graduate show at Free Range Photography Festival, his work was shown at Float Art 2015, where it was a finalist for the grand prize.
He has since signed a year long contract with GX Gallery in Camberwell, where he will be showing in a group show until the 5th of January. Following this is a solo show of his work in May 2016.
So your project working with 3D models has been an undoubted success, Will the 3D model continue to be a motif you work with?
Definitely I have recently partnered up with a 3D printing studio in Birmingham who have given me access to all of their resources to aid my artistic development. It is a combination of experimentation and developed of my graduate project. I still seek to make solid and tactile work which originates from the 2D image being Photography or painting.
What was the biggest influence for your graduate body of work?
The biggest influence to my work was the accesses to new tech this shaped my methodology and my process. My dissertation played a huge role, after researching Robert Heinecken and how tech influenced the birth of Photo sculpture in the 1970’s.
How has being signed to a gallery affected the way you work?
Being signed to a gallery is a scary but exciting step after leaving university. You still have deadlines to meet and people to people to deal with, but you are left to your own devices. I have had to take into consideration what work will sell at a commercial gallery and what will attract Art buyer while still trying to stay true to my practice. I have also had to become much more time efficient and productive in times where I am making art or trying to earn a living.