Hayleigh Love: Test shoot and Styling Week 2

October 11, 2017by hayleighloveFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

In the second week I decided to create a test shoot with my styling. I did this so I could play with the clothes and see what worked well with each other. It also gave me a chance to play with the scarf, and decided how I would use it in my final shoot. I found it hard to fold the scarf in different ways. As it was so silky it came lose easily, and having never really worn a scarf,  I didn’t know how to use it at all. I feel it definitely helped by having this shoot, and made me more confident for my actual shoot. I also feel the styling came together a lot better in this shoot. Although I had pictured it in my head, I still wasn’t sure if it worked, but physically photographing it with the scarf helped a lot. At first I felt I didn’t have enough clothes to work with, however I feel having the scarf used in so many ways helped this problem and created new and more interesting looks. hayleigh0358hayleigh0108 hayleigh0117 hayleigh0126 hayleigh0151 hayleigh0183 hayleigh0218 hayleigh0243 hayleigh0247 hayleigh0272 hayleigh0288 hayleigh0304 When it came to lighting I kept it very simple. I had two lights on the background to make the background pop, and then one at the front to light the model. I used a soft box on the model to give a softer lighting on her skin. I chose to use a green background as I felt it worked well with the scarf, and represents the woodland/ field area I would be shooting in, on the final shoot. In some images I feel it could of been a slightly paler green, however it still achieved what I wanted and fit with the shoot. Overall I really like this shoot, I feel the styling worked well and is very on brand. I also like playing with the scarf and feel it works well as a top. I also like it around the neck in the various ways. It defiantly worked with the big trousers, and created that clean, high end look. I also think its works well with the coat. The coat was made by a atelier student at UCA. I feel it worked with the scarf as they are both very unique and create unique shapes and looks.