Researching galleries that are suitable and relevant to me

October 2, 2017by cjgordonjemmottEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News


The first task given was to research and identify three particular galleries that are suitable and relevant to our particular practices. I began looking at The Photographers gallery, The Saatchi Gallery and TJ Boulting. After a tutorial with Dallas, I came to the realisation that my work would best suit a renovated space rather than an establishment. So with that being said, I looked at old warehouses that are now spaces for events, exhibitions and just general gallery use. The first space that I looked up was a venue called Unit 5 Gallery that I had previously visited for an event earlier on in the year. At this event they showcased a number of works while having a live DJ set, refreshments and an overall welcoming atmosphere. Unit 5 Gallery is located in Hackney and run by Alternative London. Alternative London are in charge of tours around the new and old urban art world in London. While looking up suitable galleries, we were also required to gather a list of artists who have previously shown their work at the selected gallery. Here are a few names that I came across: Alex Senna (Brazil), Axel Void (USA), Bault (France), Ben Eine (UK). Being that my work usually focuses on capturing youth culture, the idea of showcasing my work in a renovated warehouse space is extremely appealing and makes complete sense.