Jessica Smith- Week 4: Final Outcomes/Evaluation

October 10, 2017by jsmith503Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Week 4: Started off this week creating our 8 page editorial. We tired experimenting using different layouts as it was hard to find photos that compliment each other on a page. The next challenge was then thinking of a name, We thought ”hide and seek” was to straight to the point and needed to be elaborated. Doing this we looked a synopsis for both ‘hide’ and ‘seek’ we thought of using the French translation Cache- Cache as Hermes is a French brand and thought that would be a nice touch, however didnt really like the ring to it. We ended up settling with Camouflage that is a synopsis for hide. I thought this worked well as the styling is doing the complete opposite with using bold colours, even the bold pattern on the Hermes scarf is definitely not camoflauged with the environment. moving on from this we tried out many texts ending up downloading one online. We added in textures of rocks from Botany Bay and also a landscape as we felt that complimented our pictures well. Once our editorial was made we moved onto making out film. This was a more challenging task. As our film had a story line ‘Hide and Seek’ it was extremely hard to portraying this is 30 seconds. Finding that we films too much. It was really hard filtering the clips out and also picking the ones to make it onto the film. Another problem that we acquired was music, even though we played the song when we was shooting the choreography was faster, finding it hard to link to the beat. In conclusion to this project. Starting at the very beginning to our original plan of using motion to influence our work we have come along way. The idea of using ‘hide and seek’ in our final outcome was definitely my favourite part and I am glad that this idea was used throughout. I feel that our organisation skills worked well in this project even though we had a tricky start trying to find a model. finding a model was the most stressful part as we thought we was getting two from Whilamenna in London but with a cancelation the day before we ended up finding great replacements that actually I feel worked better especially for the film side of this as one of the girls we used could dance and this really helped our film look more professional. I feel this with this project I have really enjoyed the styling aspect as I styled both models. this is something I have nearly really done before, this ways that we could have improved this though is thinking about shoes, however we did purchase shoes for the original models however due to them dropping out we had to ask our current models to bring their own shoes, wasn’t the best! I feel that we really stuck to our idea through and worked well as a team using a stylist from Fashion Media Promotion who also helped with the direction of the shoot. all in all I am really happy with the outcome of this project, I feel like I really connected with it finding and using references to make our work look more professional. I also am happy with the film we made as I was most excited about this from the beginning having been a childhood game of my family. I do also feel that we stuck to the brief, We included the Hermes scarf to the best ways we could with the amount of time we had. To improve this project I would have liked both the editorial and the short film to have been longer as I feel especially with the film we had so many good shots that we couldn’t include because we couldn’t go over 30, having said that it was a brief and we had to stick to it which we did. If I was to carry on this project in the future then I would experiment with styling more, as much as I did like the bold colour as it did work well with our film I feel as though using more minimalist colour pallets such as the Co Resort editorial I think that this would be a very different contrast to the outcome that we have ended up with. Our Final Editorial: editorial Our Final Film:
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