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October 11, 2017by lukedillonCanterbury School of Architecture (17/18)News

Here is my final 3 images, I printed these A3 on glossy paper to allow for the best finish and detail. Then added them to black frames with a white board allowing the images to speak for themselves. Overall I am very happy with the final images. I believe I have developed a strong image of Architecture but also how fluid and busyness. I selected these three as they show the heart of the school and the main area. As well I always ended up in this area so it felt right too, with doing long exposures my images may have came out better, even though I say they might have they also might have came out worse, due to the risk of long exposure. In some areas of the prints in areas have lost detail this maybe because of how many layers as I have never done this style of work. I am very happy but what I have taken out of this, because it brings new concepts and thoughts for my work. Specially for interior photography, however I am annoyed I have had no feedback for funding or what will happen to the images, something I think needs adding to this is the access of the images and what they can be used for, because some students will loose a lot with client because they have no knowledge of this. print003 area4-4-2 area3-3img_0316 img_0317 img_0315 Overall looking back about the work but also the whole unit I think it was very poor, having a UCA based ‘teacher’ from another University is poor. Especially for a university that is meant to be racked so high. The relationship with the client was poor because they I did not have any contact, working with clients in general works very different to the way it was structured with the University and will shock many clients. The client was not clear and did not demonstrate much, this can be normal for a client as they do no always know however been able to have that contact with the client would have removed a lot of this questioning. Another mention is the distance, no one is located in Canterbury so pulling together 30 minute talks is stupid. Admittedly I know you have to travel to clients but UCA could of got involved with local businesses.   I highly recommend you start to contact local business and build relationship with them, it gives more variety to the students of what to pick, they have more of an experience with a true client. They can build relationships for after university and benefit the student, it also benefits the local business and is great for everyone. I have worked with a range of clients outside of University and the whole connection with the client was off and wasn’t meaning full at all. I also find that my mark was lowered due to the chose of framing as the client didn’t have much thought into how I showed the work, he also didn’t tell me what he wanted the images for.   A side note: This would also look good for the University as you are giving back to the community that is something I feel you care more about than anything. You need to start looking more at pushing the students and not following the same brand of work each year, the work you use is just refreshed every year you have roughly 200 photographers in your University but you still use the same images from when I came for my interview, Education is run like a business nowhere days so maybe you should treat it like this, you have the power to push the students so much! But you don’t you show work from people that now work for you and never for anything else, you talk about making a website in third year and creating portfolios when nowhere days clients do not care what your best images are because they can see it all online and have all made their decision before you rock up. Time is one of the most important things today and asking us to have two meeting s with a client is not beneficial in the true industry. Massive changes are coming and I think a update is needed to the university or you are going to have a big shock with how society is turning.   CHECK OUT ALL MY WORK AT – Luke Dillon Photography