Study abroad update – Martina Jurczyszyn

May 4, 2016by rroach2ExchangeNews

The end of the third month, everything is slowing down for me as I am only just working on my final projects now while most people are going through their chaotic last weeks of presentations and exams. I now have a lot less stress with my work and not so much homework anymore and I am trying to take my free time in slowly adjusting my mind to coming home and organising my stuff. At the end of March and beginning of April we had some amazing hot weather and we spent all of our free time outside, there are so many places to go just around this small town. There is a huge lake and many hiking trails so whatever happens you will not get bored. But since the weather has been so awful and tiring for the last few days with rain and snow (in April..) I have been going to few shows on campus, there was a play in the theatre from the acting club and few singing shows. Couple of weeks ago I have finally made it to New York City and it was something I have never seen before. All my life I though London was a very big city but New York is like a whole other world. I have done more travelling this semester than I did all my life. Seeing all of those massive skyscrapers and the memorial of 9/11 was breathtaking and I truly wish to come back one day. For the past week there has been huge preparations for the ‘Hot Dog Weekend’ which is a family weekend on campus. All of the students’ families come down to Alfred and spend time together. There will be many pop-up shops around the campus selling many different things like old clothes, antiques or the art work that students’ have made over this semester. My Photobook class will also have a tent like that, we will be selling all of the books that we made through the semester. Some people also make some extras to make money and everyone made multiples of their books to sell. We will also be making more multiples as we will have a gallery exhibition in Hornell, which is a town about 20 minute drive away. We are also able to sell our books in that show. Apart from the ‘Hot Dog Weekend’ preparations everyone is also preparing their work for the final Senior Shows which will be the week after. It is a huge show around the whole campus showing all sorts of art work. Alfred University is the third best university of ceramics is the world so most of the students to produce ceramic work which is very interesting. My ‘Contemporary Photography Practice’ class will also be exhibiting, we had to find our own exhibition space and plan out the space, so my work will also be shown there.