Nick Constant’s photobook “Firn”

December 15, 2015by rroach2Major ProjectNews

The calm, cool and measured photographs of Bosnia contained in the pages of Nick Constant’s photobook “Firn” belie the grave war-torn reality of the scenes they depict. Made some 20 years after the conflict, it seems the scars of war are still fresh for a country whose post-war rebuild is as frozen in time as the eerie and haunting images; or the layer of re-frozen or “last years” snow the title refers to. 
The beautifully produced hardback has received critical acclaim from Malcolm Dickson, Director at Street Level Photoworks and Source Magazines Special Guest Judge for the Graduate Online Photography Award 2015. 
“There is great poignancy in each image, all shot with 5×4 as a conscious choice stopping, looking, and deciding, in more detail”
” Set within the images, is the troubling fact that the divisions that caused so much devastation are far from concluded, with an unknown future held back by an unresolved past.”
Copies of Firn are available to purchase here