October 12, 2017by cjgordonjemmottEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News

Starting this unit, I was hesitant as to what we were being asked to produce. However as the weeks went on, I began to realise how important this unit is to my photography career after uni. I have always loved the idea of exhibiting my own work in a space that not only shows off my work, but also creates a sociable and welcoming atmosphere for the visitors. While researching, I got caught up thinking I have to follow a certain path of showcasing my work in an establishment. In fact, with the attitude our generation has towards contemporary art nowadays, you can exhibit work almost anywhere you wish. That being said, my focus is completely on finding spaces that are local and focal points for artists/photographers. 

This unit also taught me that I need to take many other elements into consideration. For example, entering and taking part in graduate competitions that will help launch my photography career to a wider audience. As well as taking part in competitions and art fairs, self promotion is also important as you want to make sure your work has been exposed to your target audience correctly. Overall, this unit has been different to other units as it applies to real life and the management of our future careers as photographers.