Tommaso Montino – Week 1

October 11, 2017by tommasomontinoFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Third year has started with a project commissioned by Hermes Paris, which got me really excited. We had to pick randomly a scarf each and create a 8 page editorial as well as a 30 seconds fashion film to promote the brand. I was really happy with the scarf I got, as the colours are really striking but really easy to style and combine. Me and Jess decide to be a pair, as I know she has really great potentials and her scarf works really well with mine. img_6719 img_6720 img_6858 img_6859 Teaming up we decided what our concept would have been as well as styling and location. We created some moodboards that helped us to visualise out final ideas and sent them to our stylist that will work with us to find the outfits. Our concept is based around the hide and seek game in a really cool location, in Broadstairs, precisely on the beach between the colourful beach huts. We thought of this because of the striking colours of the scarves that will work really well contrasting some others of the beach huts. The editorial will have some shots of the models playing, like peeping between the huts, posing on the stairs or running on the beach. The video will have some scenes linked but more fast-paced, and we thought about including some choreography to make the video more commercial and contemporary. The styling will be colourful too, mainly block colours, following the colour palettes of the scarves and the one of the location. hermes-styling-001 location-hermes-001 mood-hermes