Tommaso Montino – Week 3

October 11, 2017by tommasomontinoFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

On the third week we finalised our ideas and as soon as our final outfits arrived, we contacted the models and arranged times and locations for the shoot day. We met at by the reception at uni with our two models and the stylist and they changed straight away. We were a bit worried a bit about timings as we had to go to two different locations, but I am glad it went well in the end. We started by going to our first location that was Tankerton Bay, and we were really lucky as it was completely empty, so our models didn’t feel awkward at all. After we shot for like two hours and felt like we had what we needed, we grabbed lunch and drove straight to our last location, Botany Bay near Margate. This was was my favourite as it’s really scenic and even though they were other two shoots happening, we managed to take what we needed in not a long time as it started to get dark. Looking through the images we took on the day we were really satisfied by the result and we couldn’t wait to start editing. These are some of the unedited pictures we took. screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-13-47-30 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-13-47-40 screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-13-47-53