Tommaso Montino – Week 4 – Finals

October 11, 2017by tommasomontinoFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

  On the fourth and final week we started off by flagging the pictures we thought would look better and deleting the ones we wouldn’t want to edit. Narrowing them down helped a lot the editing process, although we ended up with still too many to edit. Since we were in two, we split them in half so the flow would be quicker. Our post production wasn’t invasive, we fixed some creases of the scarves and the suits, as well as made the skin smoother and softer, played around with the tones and the curves. After this, we continued by creating the editorial. Since layouts are what I really like exploring, we arranged the pictures by how we thought they would look better in pairs next to each other, and from then we started experimenting with fonts, colours and shapes. This is one of my favourite parts as I think you can give the pictures an extra point of view by how you associate with another one. The title was not an easy thing to find, so we started by thinking that the “hide and seek” should have been evolved, but at the same time it would have been too common to just call it that. Going back to Hermes, a French brand, we researched how the game would have been translated in French, but still “cache-cache” was not what we wanted. At this point, we continued by looking at synonyms and associations of words to find something could nail our editorial. “Camouflage” was our final choice, as it’s a everyday word, but still not common that means to hide or disguise. It also derives from French, so that added some extra points. The editorial plays with different poses and type of pictures. In fact, we thought that on the last spread would be interesting if we added something more than another picture from our editorial. I feel like the location was a really important part of this whole project, so we managed to find a picture that could link perfectly to a portrait of Tanya by a beach huts, in fact it connects perfectly to the roof, showing the connection between the two locations. We then continued onto the film. I feel this was a more challenging part, as videography is not what I am best at since I also did editorials and photography mainly, but I was excited to create something more than just an editorial and step out of my comfort zone. We started of by deleting the scenes we thought were irrelevant to what we needed and starting creating our video, scene by scene. At a certain point we realised how short thirty seconds actually are, and loads of interesting videos had to be deleted because of it. This made me feel better as, on the shoot day, I was stressing as I thought we didn’t have enough material to work with. At the same time it was a bit disappointing because our “hide and seek” concept could have been developed further and be stronger with longer clips and scenes. The music we chose was mainly based on the strong beat it has, to make the edit simpler and change every scene with the rhythm of it. “Virile” by The Blaze was an interesting find of Jess, who meet them for the first time in New Zealand. In conclusion, I am really satisfied with our final outcome, and I am really happy we chose to stick with our first idea. Having used hide and seek as a concept helped us to remain focused on the original idea and I am glad me and Jess teamed up together. We have distinctive roles and this worked well during the whole duration of the unit. Our team was really strong and there were good vibes on the shoot day. I am also glad we chose to get a stylist as since this was a really short project compared to our older ones, arranging everything by ourselves would have been too confusional and tricky. I feel like we have done a good job including the two scarves we got given in the whole project, playing around with different styles of wearing them. Thanks to our stylist Chanel whose is in year 3 fashion media and promotion, we used one of her friend as she is an aspiring model who was really happy to work with us. After a few problems with a model agency, I contacted a girl who studies at uni that collaborated last year with me, and we were both really excited to work together again. If I had to develop further this project, I would definitely include more scenes on the film to make our concept stronger. Thirty seconds is a really short time to include a concept and the products, but I feel like we managed to cut the scenes we didn’t need in a good way and make a video that was creative and not too dragged out.     editorial editorial2 editorial3 editorial4