UCA Graduate Angus Fraser Wins 2014 Bar-Tur Photobook award

December 15, 2015by rroach2News

UCA graduate Angus Fraser has picked up first prize in the first Bar Tur photobook award in association with The Photographers Gallery. His project looks at the Mexican cult surrounding “La Santa Muerte” and the “Day of the Dead”, specifically aimed at presenting an impartial and more empathetical view of what has become a stigmatised and heavily stereotyped religion.
The book has since been published by Trolley books and has been featured on The Guardian, The Independent, PORT Magazine and was reviewed for photobookstore Magazine by UCA student Ollie Gapper.
“I wanted to portray a more balanced, nuanced view by recording what I saw – everyday Mexicans trying to get on with their life – and their devotion to Santa Muerte”
“This idea that Santa Muerte is one of them and not some white, caucasian saint is one of the main reasons why she is so popular. She knows their plight and will fight their corner.”
Angus graduated from the MA in photography at UCA Rochester in 2010, where his initial research for Santa Muerte began.

“In 2010, I was researching for my MA Photography degree. The subject was based on pilgrimage sites, considered both religious and secular, and I travelled across Europe documenting different sites. Near the end of my research I came across the very elaborate, colourful shrines that Santa Muerte devotees create and felt this could be another new, but related project for me to pursue.”