Visibility Strategies

October 12, 2017by cjgordonjemmottEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News

I decided to focus on four possible visibility strategies that could help launch my name and work into the art world.

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Continuing with previous connections
  • Creating new connections
  • Contacting other platforms (joining creative groups, competitions)
  • Making sure my website is active

As we all know, social media in this generation plays an important part in the exposure of young creatives. This is why I have decided to focus more on ways social media could help the exposure of me and my work. That being said, I decided to go ahead and make a separate twitter account to my personal one which will only feature photography and art content such as, news on the latest exhibitions, the announcement of any new projects that I will be showcasing etc.

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Although my work has been shared on Facebook many times, I have found that my target audience is not based on that particular social media platform. Therefore I have not found it necessary to create any new separate pages. In fact I found out that users are normally between the ages of 25-34.

*Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic. (Source:Emarketer 2012)*

I will continue to actively post new content on my Instagram page which is also linked to my website. This way, people who view either platform are able to navigate easier. As you can see the Instagram button is featured on the home page in the top right hand corner. 

When it comes to continuing with previous connections, I feel it is important to always keep in contact with people you have done any sort of work with. It allows them to be apart of your journey while also keeping up to to date of any new work being produced. That being said, earlier this year I managed to get myself two features in TRIPmag in which I debut my first solid project to the public, that I am extremely proud of.

Here is the first feature:

Here is the second feature:

I hope to keep in contact with the editors at TRIPmag for any updates on newer work I have produced.

Contacting other platforms (creative groups, competitions)

Contacting other platforms is a great way of exposing your own work for others to see. Now, there are plenty of creative groups that you can join that cater to young creatives who are looking for instant exposure. One creative group that I have come across is Cortex Creatives. To become a member, you email them a small description about you and your work with some examples to follow. Once they have selected you, they post some of your work on their Instagram page. The group recently had a zine launch in which they collaborated with members to produce a small book and an event to celebrate it.

There are also things like graduate competitions. Some are free, while some you are to pay a fee. However, if you are not chosen or do not get very far, it is still important and an overall good idea that you take part as you never know who could possibly view your work. Below is a small list of some graduate competitions:

  1. 5 Under 30
  2. New Sensations
  3. IdeasTap Photographic Award with Magnum Photos

  4. Magenta Foundation Flash Forward

  5. LPA Futures