Visibility Strategies

October 2, 2017by cjgordonjemmottEntering the Art World - Ori Gersht (17/18)News

The next task we were set was to highlight particular strategies we could follow in order to become visible individuals when entering the art world. To begin with, I noted down a few particular strategies:
-Social media
-Continuing previous connections
-Creating new connections

We live in a society that is being controlled completely by social media, so why not use it to our advantages? Promoting yourself across different social medias is important as they all have different effects. For example, Facebook usually reaches to an older audience while Twitter and Instagram are dominated by youth. That being said, I have started by making separate accounts to my personal accounts. The new accounts will consist of art and photography content only. While my personal accounts will still continue to promote my work, my work related accounts will showcase my work along with inspirations.

Another strategy that is important is the idea of keeping in contact with previous connections. This year I was lucky enough to be featured in TRIPmag twice. For those who aren’t aware, TRIPmag is an online, non-profitable zine where they feature work from up and coming photographers. I feel it is important to stay in contact with the editors as they may help out with promoting any new work that I produce. Keeping in mind that it is equally as important to create new connections. For example, there are existing creative groups that you can join who help the exposure of young creatives. I first discovered Cortex Creatives when they followed my Instagram page. Since then, they have put together a zine and even hosted a launch event for the zine.