Week 1 – Hermès Project – Belinda Lee

October 12, 2017by blee2Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

  For our new project we all had to individually pick a Hermès scarf out of a bag at random. My first instant thought when picking out my Hermès scarf was ‘elegance’ and so from that, i thought that i could possibly base my project idea around that word. When looking more into Hermès as a brand and the type of editorials/films they do, i could see that the type of pictures look very high end and quite simple especially when it comes to the background, so that it is easier to focus on the product that is being promoted. Elegance to me is nothing too tight and not too much on show. I started to look at clothes that fit that description and came across items such as long flared trousers, oversized shirts/blouses and long pleated dresses/skirts. I then focused on the colour of my scarf but I actually struggled a bit when trying to decide on colour as my scarf has nearly every colour you could think of. I decided to pick out the colours from my scarf that were not so vibrant as I wanted the scarf to be the main focal point compared to the clothes. I decided to go for a fall colour palette so that the colours were quite dull and not so in your face as I thought a bright scarf and bright clothes would be a bit much and would not be the look i was going for. When researching I came across Roksanda’s pre fall 2017 collection and thought this was exactly what I had in mind when it came to styling, so I started to look for similar clothes and came across a few on websites such as Zara and Asos, however I didn’t feel like the clothes would suit the scarf as much once actually looking on the websites. It was also very hard to find the clothes I wanted in the colours I wanted. As I was still basing my idea around the word ‘elegance’ I decided to look for a location which would fit that word as well. After researching different places I came across three in London which were Kew Gardens, Syon park and The hill garden and pergola. I considered these locations because the buildings look old fashioned with wide space, big ponds and lots of greenery. I liked how all three places were big so you wouldn’t need to be confined to one space therefore the pictures and videos would all look quite different when it came to the background. Regarding styling, I thought that a slick back messy low bun would suit the clothing as it shows the face off clearly and would look quite simple but classy, also I can picture the scarf looking quite nice around the models head whilst her hair is tied up. For the eyes I am thinking of combining brown and hints of purple blended for th­e eyeshadow as i have quite a bit of purple in my scarf and it’s the only colour on the scarf that would look subtle on the face. I also think a simple winged liner would look nice as it makes the eyes look wider and adds that extra darkness. I feel as though a nude lipstick would complete the look, I think this would help keep the make up looking subtle and soft as I feel that if I were to use a dark lipstick the make up would look heavier especially with the eyes being quite dark. screen-shot-2017-10-10-at-20-04-25 screen-shot-2017-10-10-at-20-04-06 screen-shot-2017-10-10-at-20-03-26