Week 2 – Hermès Project – Belinda Lee

October 12, 2017by blee2Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

Everyone had to do a presentation in front of the class, Heike and Olivia pomp. The feedback i received wasn’t what i was hoping for as i didn’t feel as though they were very keen on my idea so i felt like i needed to change it a bit to possibly make it more interesting. I started to think about the clothes I had originally wanted to buy for my shoot and decided to change them. I feel as though my work would be more interesting if i were to contrast the clothes with the location. I have decided to keep the clothes still simple but more up to date fashion. I still like the idea of using flared trousers but rather than pairing them with oversized shirts I have instead paired them with crop tops. Then instead of using long pleated dresses I have decided to use short and tight. I started to research clothing idea’s that fit this description and had noticed that the old 2000s style is making a come back so I thought that I could use that styling but how it has been modernised with clothing brands today. I feel as though using clothes that are in the trend now would be more appealing to my age group as it shows what an elegant scarf would like when paired with dressed down, everyday clothing. It would also show the different ways in which you can style the scarf around/with the garments. I also have decided to change my colour palette for my clothing. Originally I was going to base the clothes around a fall palette as I have hints of those dull colours in my scarf and wanted the scarf itself to really stand out, but when actually pairing the scarf with items of the fall colour palette in my wardrobe, it didn’t really match as well as i thought it would in my head. I decided I wanted to go with a cool summer palette instead because I felt like it would match the scarf better as the majority of colours on the scarf are cool summer tones, so the clothes would not be so bright that it would end up taking away attention from the scarf. I have now managed to sort out a location for my shoot which will be at the Hill garden and pergola. I was quite lucky in the sense that they were quick when replying to emails and were more than willing to help me out and cut the cost as i am a student, all i needed to provide was the universities public liability insurance and proof that I actually was a student. I decided to choose this location because its almost like a run down but sophisticated area and has a unique character to it. I liked how they have antique looking pavilions, raised walkways with overgrown with vines and plenty of flowers so there will never be a dull shot. I have started to look at editorials and different ways on how to style and tie the scarf to see which would look best with my outfits and to get a rough idea of how it would look on. I have decided on simple styling when it comes to the scarf as i feel that due to wanting to some what keep to my original ‘elegance’ idea this would best suit. As a film reference, i came across the Zara AW13 Woman campaign which is a short fashion film promoting the clothes. I decided to use this as a reference to my film because i like the way it focus’ on the garments and uses short clips but slowed down so you can get a good view of the garments. Another thing that i liked about the film was the direct eye contact with the camera, so it were as if you were following their every movement and as though you were following wherever they took you which almost made you intrigued to watch more. I feel as though it would be quite nice to incorporate aspects of that into my own film. screen-shot-2017-10-10-at-22-00-52 screen-shot-2017-10-10-at-22-01-07 screen-shot-2017-10-10-at-23-38-47