WEEK 2 – Hermes Project Bethany Cribbs

October 10, 2017by bethanycribbsFashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

This week I am focusing on organising my shoot, I have all my ideas; now I need to finalise my location, models and clothes. I also had to make a presentation to express my ideas to the client. The presentation included all my current research that I had done so far, this allowed my peers and tutors to give me feedback which benefitted me when going on to the next stages of the project. I have met up with two models that have agreed to work with me, I found them through friends at the university and they both fit with the look I was going for. I decided to organise meeting up to discuss the concept of my shoot and what would happen on the shoot day, we also had to organise times that we were all available. I bought mood boards along so they could get an exact feel of what I want out of them and what they could expect on the day. I found out their sizes and I also found out that one of the models loves doing make-up so has agreed to do her own makeup and the other models. Meeting with the models was a great way to break the ice and let the two get to know each other instead of them just meeting on the day, I feel like this would give me the advantage on the day to get things done and not waste time introducing them to each other. I contacted a local hotel in Rochester which caught my eye. It was the most old fashioned hotel I could find and the closest fit to my vision. I under estimated how hard and time consuming it can be looking for a location. Here are some more examples of work that I have looked at as research and inspiration in week 2 of the project that I included in my presentation.  4986ff242adf2094bf8a480c71beb283 5765619d052a6ac07f679c7e8f91923e   I came across the two photographs above whilst looking through Harley Weir’s photography. I was instantly drawn to the posing and use of the garments especially the second photo. I like how awkward the posing is but it still works, I like how Harley Weir uses the body to emphasise a product to make a visually interesting shot. I feel like this kind of posing will work well in my shoot due to the ‘playfulness’ that I want to show through dressing up. I wanted to look at different ways Weir uses fabric to help inspire me in ways I can show the scarf, I like how in these shots above the fabric is wrapped and draped around the body and I like how the curtain has been manipulated to show something completely different than just a standard curtain. I like how the model is interacting with the scarf in a playful way. This got me thinking of ways I can use the scarf that aren’t conventional.   This fashion film for Topshop really inspired me for the Hermes project. I love the ‘dress up’ idea as it is a great way to show off clothes in a natural carefree way. I love the feminine, adolescent vibe given off through the models and movements. this film also gave me a lot of ideas in regards to editing, I like the little cuts to footage which almost looks super 8. The music and start of the film is a bit commercial and doesn’t really fit the style i’m doing for but other than that it has helped me finalise an idea. 22127363_842456652597867_1298060732_n 22155088_842456662597866_2100437243_n These are early photographs taken by Vanina Sorrenti. I look a lot of inspirtion from the styling and posing in these particular images. What I like about her work is how natural and raw the images are, I feel as though this is due to the film quality of the photographs and the use of natural light. In terms of styling I like the vintage look in the top photograph, the photograph below was striking to me by the use of pose. The model is laying down in a comfortable position and is settled in to her surroundings. similarly, this photo really stood out to me because the models look like they are using to location not just being in the location posing for a picture.