Week 2: Shoot one.

October 11, 2017by ahuntFashion Photo 2019Fashion: Hermes - Olivia Pomp (17/18)News

The Location The Acorn Shipyard, Gas house Road, Rochester. The acorn shipyard used to be a popular ship maintaince company and metal supplier. On the 6/09/2016 and 10:00am firefighters were called to the scene after it was engulfed in flames supposedly by two teens that were arrested for arson some weeks later. What was left after the fire was a beautiful metal structure that I scouted and believed was perfect for our project. I got the idea from a part of Solange Knowles ‘Cranes in the Sky’ music video where Solange and another dancer do contemporary dancing an unfinished building. I just believed that the metal structure created a strong composition and knew I could recreate this with the Acorn Shipyard however the burnt surroundings created the gritty look we was looking for. The first shoot was with 2 West African girls. Tanya Chiwara and Dineo More. I chose Tanya because she has a very traditional look, she also has a very strong and statement look in front of the camera in the way that she moves. I chose Dineo because she is easy to direct in front of the camera and she has a very powerful projection, her poses and body language work well. They both have a background in dance and are amazing dancers, I am friends with these girls and I knew I could direct them well. I had worked with them before and had the confidence that their dance skills and attitude in front of camera will be very strong and effective. We wanted the shoot to look raw and gritty and most importantly, REAL. Tanya Chiwara: Height: 5’8, Waist: 27″, Shoe: 6 Dineo Moore: 5’8, Waist: 28′, Shoes: 5 Casting these girls, I believed was the best way to achieve the real look that we wanted, I had contacted model agencies and had been sent packages however, most models were flying to Milan and Paris for fashion week. Dineo and Tanya gave a more real and gritty performance than I think any model could of given us anyway. I received this package from Bookings model management however none of the girls fit our specifications Call sheet & Schedule Photographer: Alex Robert Hunt 07919400322/ Holly Miller 0785532600 Photo assist: Abigail Edwards 0736908128 Hair and MUA: Models own and Holly Miller. Talent: Dineo Moore 07939708128 & Tanya Chiwara 07453678990 Meeting point: Rochester Train station, Kent. Scheduele: 21/09/17 11:00am: Meet at Rochester station 11:30am: Arrive at Location. Dress first look and begin makeup. 1:00pm: Sun is not to high up, begin shooting. 1:30pm: Record dancing 2:00pm: Dress for next look: makeup remains same. 2:30pm: Record dancing. 3:00pm: Next Look 3:30pm: Record dancing 4:00pm: Next look 4:30pm: Record dancing 5:00pm: WRAP. Evaluation Starting the shoot at 1pm was perfect, the sun was just at the right place to hit the duey, youthful makeup looks and give the skin a shine. We were on schedule until about 2:30 when we was recording the dancing as we felt we wanted to focus more on filming the girls dance as the footage we was getting looked really good. We only ran over by a half hour, extending the wrap time to 5:30. I support this decision now as even after we had spent and extra half hour recording the dance sequence I still felt that we needed more. The makeup and styling worked together very well, the tones and patterns that we had chosen for the styling matched the skin tones of the two black girls really well and supported out West African theme. Holly and I were so happy throughout the shoot because of the way the girls were performing, their attitudes and body language in front of the camera was perfect for the gritty and grungy look that we wanted. Holly and I had been practicing multiple different head wraps in preparation for the shoot so that we knew what to do one the day. Mainly focusing on the way Erykah Badu wraps her scarfs and Sabyasachi. – Both worked well on the day the contribute to the styling and accessories. Me and Holly had little experience with working with scarves however the models had plenty of experience and were able to help us perfect the look. The models and I had been friends for many years so we all worked together excellently, the models had also been friends with each other for a long time so were able to really bond and work together well in front of the camera. Between us all, and we came up with multiple different dance moves for the girls to work with while filming, we also had the backing track playing so that they could dance and we could edit the film to the beat. The girls were such good dancers and it worked excellently, if I was to do it again I would allow them to wear better footwear just because they struggled a little to stand in the location and dance in knee high boots however, eventually it worked fine. The shoot went very smoothly and excited us for the next one.